Save It For A Rainy Day Films For The Spring Time

Save It For A Rainy Day Films For The Spring Time

My boyfriend likes it when I watch films “with substance.” I agree, but being the happy go lucky person that I am, I also like to watch movies that make me feel good and leave me feeling joyful and thankful. There are some great movies that are good to watch during the rainy spring days when it’s cold outside and you don’t feel like pulling out your rain boots. Plus you can snuggle with your pup or invite them to watch a movie with you (just saying).

So what kind of films do you like? Do you like movies that make you laugh or make you cry? Or maybe a little bit of both will do it for you. I like a little bit of everything. From chick flicks to drama films, it really depends on my mood. I used to not be able to handle the more intense films, like Changeling, for example, but now I’m better. Even though, I have to admit that Changeling, as good as the film is, still gives me the shivers. I don’t think I could watch that film again.

But anyway, here are some films that I think you should definitely put on your rainy day movie list. Then when the rain storm hits you’ll all be set with a movie, popcorn, your fuzzy fur baby, and warm blankets to keep you cozy.

One of my favorite films with Zac Effron (come on you know he’s cute!) is Charlie St. Cloud. After reading the book I watched the movie in the theater with my mom a few years back and I loved the screen adaptation. If you’re in the mood for an ocean dreams film that has gorgeous sites of the sea, sail boats, and a little bit of spiritual ghostly elements, this film is for you. Plus – it has a great love story and it’s all about letting go. It also has amazing twists and turns – you’ll never guess what comes at the end!

If you’re not afraid of dark twisty characters with a mysterious past you might want to watch The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. At first I was hesitant about seeing this film, but after going to the theater to watch this movie as well – it won me over. Not only does it have incredible acting, but it’s intense, keeps you on your toes, and reveals the secrets behind a family disappearance. This film is definitely not suitable for children, but if you have a cozy night in with your significant other I can guarantee you’ll be wanting the sequel to be here ASAP as much I do.

Water for Elephants is another great movie based off of a book and yes, I read this book as well. I thought the film was a great adaptation and who doesn’t love heartthrob Robert Pattinson? Well, believe it or not I never really liked this actor until I watched this film. I felt he breathed life into his character quite beautifully and his chemnistry with Reese Witherspoon is quite dynamic. During a circus adventures with a sweet elephant named Rosy you’ll find yourself falling in love with all of the characters, well, minus the bi-polar circus owner.

Another film I was hesitant watching was The King’s Speech, but thanks to my boyfriend we watched this while traveling one evening and I couldn’t help but be sucked into the king’s journey of overcoming his fear of speaking in public. With a great ensemble cast and true-to-life events, this movie is great at making you realize that anyone can overcome their fears with a little bit of realization and self confidence.

So are there any movies that I’m missing that I should have mentioned? Of course, there are several great films that will soon be released and I’m dying to see The Hunger Games. I love watching movies in general, and when it’s cold and rainy in April I think this is the best time to hunker down, get out your favorite films, and have a movie session.

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