As a fresh graduate, I was excited to attend events like the 2015 San Francisco Professionals In Industry Symposium. That was the time when I felt the need to learn as much about the trade as possible. To be precise, I wanted to have an idea of how to react not only in front of the bosses and clients but also my colleagues who had more working experience than I did.

Looking back, though, the said conference is perhaps the one I remember the most because that allowed me to realize that you cannot be a stuck-up to become a real professional. You should be respectful and mindful of everyone you come across with, regardless of their title.

To keep you from going astray, here are some social etiquette gestures to remember.


1. Remain Punctual

The #1 rule is to always arrive on time. You can get a bad reputation for only being punctual on your first few days at work, but then you come late when you feel close to your colleagues. No matter what position you land in and even if you rise through the ranks, you should practice punctuality at all times.

2. Be Aware Of Your Mannerisms

You should realize from here on out that there may be habits that you’ll have to keep in check. For instance, clicking a pen rapidly, drumming your fingers on the desk, talking loudly, or even sighing. These are mannerisms that can be extremely disturbing for others; that’s why you ought to recognize what they may be from the start.


3. Speak When You Are Spoken To

It is also better to stay silent than butt into every conversation in the office, especially if nobody’s asking for your opinion. You don’t want people to call you as Mr. or Ms. Know-It-All – that’s not a great nickname. Wait for your turn to speak or inquire first if you can give your two cents before doing it.

Final Thoughts

Being able to behave well at your workplace is as important as knowing how to do your job. Keep the social etiquette guideline mentioned above in your mind all the time to avoid angering anyone in the office. Good luck!

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