Pursue Your Dream Even Without A College Degree: Reasons For Not Going To College

Will you make it? The question is – will you do everything in your power to make it even without a college degree? Pursuing your dream and getting into business – whatever type of business – will depend upon your passion, your drive, your determination, your skill, and your knowledge. This is beyond college, which is why some people skip the degree and go directly into the business of their choice.

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Again, it is not easy. You have to do a lot of work, planning, strategizing and everything else if you want your business to prosper. These things you learn in business school, yes, but information is everywhere. You can self-learn, or you can attend short-term classes. It’s also possible to consult with a business coach. Anyway, the point here is why do people choose not to go to college and dive straight into business? Do you want to know the reasons why?

Student Loans

As of right now, there is $1 trillion worth of student loan debts in the US, collectively more than mortgages, car loans, and credit cards. The worse thing is that 75% of this was piled up during 2003 to2011. If you have a student loan, you have no choice but to pay for it. And with college continuing to become more and more expensive each year, student loan debts will increase as more people are “tricked” into entering college.

Why burden yourself with debts that you will have to pay for years when you don’t have to? Unless you want to become a surgeon, a lawyer, a CPA or a mechanical engineer?

Job Readiness

A lot of college graduates finish college and enter the corporate world with zero skills and no experience. They’re not prepared at all. It’s because college can’t adequately teach you the skills needed in jobs. They impart to you the academics of it. This is especially true in degrees like business or psychology. Diplomas have practically become a decorated paper that serves as a reminder of how the graduate didn’t learn anything in college that can be applied in jobs.

The worst part is that companies are now not willing to train graduates with zero skills and experience. With college not teaching you skills and companies wanting you to start the job instead of preparing you immediately, there is no way to win.

Your Degree Will Be Obsolete Before You Graduate

The world, with its technology, moves fast nowadays but the education system can’t keep up with it. Even as a publisher typing right now to make a new book, there are chances that the information being typed is already being disproved or is becoming obsolete.

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In this age of information and media, creativity and technology are more valued. People are now online, so graphic designers, writers, and many more jobs requiring creativity and technology are hot in the market. Business degrees might be useful back then in the 90’s, but now it’s becoming obsolete because it’s not being updated.

Conversion To Corporate Clone

There are usually two reasons as to why people choose a degree in a specific field. The first reason is that it’s their passion and the second one is because it’s in-demand with a promise of a high salary. But now, the supposedly in-demand fields like doctor or teacher aren’t paid profoundly contrary to what people usually said in high school.

Going to college for the sake of taking a degree that is “in-demand” will only get you to be underemployed or unemployed. If you think of studying medicine because of that reason, there are high chances that millions of other people also believe that. There are too many people in that field but not enough jobs to fill it out.

It’s a Waste of Time

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If you go to college, you’ll be wasting about 4 or more years of your life chasing a degree that might not even get you a job instead of staying ahead of the game by getting the skills you need. In addition to that, you’ll also have staggering student loan debt. Is that desirable? No. Will, that make you happy? No. Is this the life you want? No. Make your life meaningful by doing the things you love, and if that is business, then so be it. Do it. Don’t waste any more time.




— October 5, 2018

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