Home-Based Business Ideas For Moms 

Do you know that you can earn money even if you are a full-time mom? Isn’t it great to be raising your kids while contributing to your household’s income? Nowadays, being a mother entails considerable responsibilities to your family. You have lots of options to work in the comforts of your home. There are jobs available online, but you have to be extra careful not to deal with scammers. 


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There are challenges of starting a home-based business that you may encounter with your children which includes losing your time for them. Hence, you need a home-based career that offers a flexible schedule.  


Here are the business ideas that you may want to consider in deciding a home-based career: 


Licensed Daycare Center 


It is one of the satisfying side-jobs a mom could take since you will have the opportunity to give care to children of others. You will not be required to have a license but having one will build your credibility with other parents. Besides, having a daycare permit could result in better pay. 


Pet Services Center 


If you love animals and knowledgeable about them, this is a good suggestion for you. Since more and more people are willing to spend money for their pets, you might want also to consider offering services such as pet sitting, pet, boarding, pet grooming, dog walking, bathing and other services for pets. Your children could also help you in their spare time. 


Selling Home Made Baked Goods 


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You can bake cookies or pastries and start selling it to your friends and relatives. Nowadays, social media is a great help. You can upload it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and offer it to the public. You can also create a blog about your baked cookies and provide catering services. 


Tutor Or Instructor 


You can teach students from the comforts of your home through video conferencing (usually through Skype). There are companies which accept applications online for home-based English tutors. You will be required to complete some tests to evaluate your competency. Some companies pay $2.8 per hour of service, but others are willing to pay you as much as $30 per hour depending on your performance. 


Direct Sales 


Before engaging yourself in selling, you should be able to choose products or services that you fully understand, and you use and would buy regularly. You can start with cosmetic products. Many firms in the cosmetics industry such as Mary Kay and Avon are recruiting people to sell their products for them. 


Arts Or Crafts 


If you are creative enough, you can sell your crafts by building an online store on sites like etsy.com. Paintings, pieces of jewelry and accessories, key chains, weaved baskets, and other crafts are welcome for selling on this site. 




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You can make money from blogging through advertising, affiliate marketing and creating a product description for selling online and many more. 


Freelance Writing 


Types of writing that are still required nowadays from freelancers are articles, copywriting, resumes, literature and others. Many sites offer freelance writing jobs such as freelancer, Upwork, Elance, and others. 


Web Designer 


You should know at least the major online platforms and be knowledgeable about programming so that you will be successful at dealing with your clients for web designing. 




You can also get paid as a virtual assistant in which your client would require your services such as transcription, research, writing, typing and other administrative support. You can search clients with the help of sites such as Elance, TaskRabbit and others. 


Bonus: Side Hustles 


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Lastly, you can earn money without quitting as a full-time mom by turning your hobby into a home business. Anyway, the reality is that a household with two parents working fulltime outside the home is difficult to manage- it’s sometimes more expensive, and the family ties could be weakened. 

— August 15, 2018

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