6 Strategies To Grow Your Business Using Instagram 

Do you have any idea how many are users of Instagram? According to statista.com, the monthly active Instagram users has reached 1 billion last June 2018. It makes Instagram the best medium to garner up to your target market for product or business promotion.  


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To be able to grow the business using Instagram, you must first be able to attract an audience. Here are strategies on how you could use Instagram to build your network and grow the said business: 


Be Clear With Your Brand And Create Content Clients Will Love. 


Determine the pain points of your audience in which your product can be of help.  Don’t forget to emphasize the brand you are promoting. Starting your post through a motivational quote, anecdote or short personal experience can also help.   


Use appropriate images related to the brand you are promoting and consider what your target market would love to see in your post. You can also check posts of your competitors to identify what the audience loved about it and figure your way out to win over the competition.  


Post Images That Will Attract Attention.  


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Engage your audience by getting their attention. Post a picture that says it all, something that is eye-catching and would make your audience feel like sharing. 


Put your feet on the shoes of your audience. When browsing Instagram, you are more likely to notice and give attention to posts with exciting or intriguing photos than to posts that have mere words on it. You can use WordSwag and Tsyporama to create your post for free. 


Use Strong Calls To Action. 


Indicate the link of your sales page in the website section of your profile. Make use also of the bio section to pitch and provoke your audience is viewing your page. 


You can also put the link of your sales page right after the caption of every photo in your post or mention it at the end of every post you make. Using also the comment section to give the link to your sales page is helpful. It is a wise and effective strategy. 


Post, Post, Post. 


Unlimited things are subject to abuse. Go on and be abusive this time!  Post, post, post, and post. Anyway, it’s free. The more posts you make, the more audience you will get. Posting 5-10 times per day is not bad. Make the most out of the free application to build your network and be sure that the quality of your post is not compromised though. 




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Hashtags are for everyone! Don’t think that these are just made up of teenagers. These are incredibly useful if you can use the right hashtags for your purpose. These right hashtags will help you in engaging with your audience and boosting the brand that you are promoting. 


To put a hashtag on the video or photo, you uploaded, go the comment section and include your hashtags. It would be ideal and helpful if you do this on every post you make. 


Share For Share 


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SFS (Share for Share) or (Shout-out for Shout-out) is a tactic whereby you share and promote another party’s post in your page, and the other party does the same. This is a win-win situation for both parties. 


Start by looking for a player with a similar number of followers as yours. Be sure to tag them when you repost their images or videos. As they also start to do the same for your, the number of your audience increases. 


Imagine doing this with many players! Your exposure will be at full blast, and the numbers will keep coming.  


There are many types of social media platforms you can use in growing your audience and promoting your business, but Instagram is the fastest when it comes to building your audience. A massive audience means a powerful network and a powerful network means good business. 

— June 24, 2018

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