12 Errors In Social Media That Will Drive Followers Away From Your Brand (Part 2) 

In the previous blog, six out of twelve errors in social media were discussed. It included mistakes like posting purely exclusive content (your brand) in any of your social media accounts, not minding the needs, desires, wants, and expectations of your clients and potential customers, limiting your social media content to a particular type, not listening to your clients, making posts that are sales type, and not reaching out to your target market. (If you haven’t read the first part yet, then it is highly suggested that you do that first before divulging on this one.) 


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Anyway, here are more suggestions to make everyone aware of the mistakes they make when posting in social media about their brands.  


Ignoring Negative Comments  


It might seem tempting just to delete or ignore the negative comments about your brand but don’t do that. Always remember that this is still feedback. Thank them for their input and that you’ll be looking forward to more information on how to improve your brand. If you encounter a negative comment, don’t defend directly because it would not look good on your brand and may only bring in more negative comments.  


Making Spelling And Grammar Mistakes  


Making spelling and grammar mistakes seems like a small mistake to do, but users can actually notice them. These can also reduce the messages of your post as the mistake might attract more attention than the actual news. Therefore, always proofread and double check the content before you publish it. If an error does happen, make sure to correct it as soon as possible.  


Poor Customer Service  


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One of the reasons people use social media is because of its speed. This is the same for consumers. They turn to social media about their concerns because they expect that doing so would be faster as opposed to talking to several representatives on the phone. Make sure that you answer their inquiries and concerns immediately. Ignoring them or not giving a helpful answer will turn the consumers off from your brand.  


Posting Irresponsible Or Insensitive Content  


Everything spreads fast on social media nowadays. Therefore, a single derogatory comment may spread more quickly than you can do damage control and immediately hurt your brand. In the workplace, people have to be sensitive to what they say as not to hurt others and the same could be applied to your content online. Your social media reflects your brand so your content must always be ethical. 


Too Many Hashtags  


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This is a mistake that people who are new to social media often make. Putting on too many hashtags may seem like an excellent way to get your post spread across different channels, but it’s actually just being desperate to build your brand for engagement. These hashtags may also come off at a different wavelength from the image your brand is trying to show.  


Not Having Two-Way Conversations With Clients 


Some brands misuse their social media and just use it for promoting. This isn’t the best way to take advantage of social media. The best way to use social media is to use it as a two-way communication tool. Don’t just post content and promote your brand. Use your social media to connect and discuss with customers and build relationships with them. 


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This concludes the 2-part blog post about 12 Errors In Social Media That Will Drive Followers Away From Your Brand. If you want your brand to develop and succeed with its online visibility, then you have to make sure that these twelve errors are avoided by you or the people who manage your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram apps. 

— May 4, 2018

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