12 Errors In Social Media That Will Drive Followers Away From Your Brand (Part 1) 

If you want your business and brand to flourish, you should know that having social media accounts is vital. Being active on social media apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can reach more people and have more engagement than traditional advertising like putting up posters. Due to this, companies tend to have a required amount of posts on their social media accounts daily. 


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But just posting on your social media account isn’t enough. With how these platforms continuously improve and give out new services, your brand should also adapt. Your posts must be something that will grab the attention of the customers and address their needs. 


Even though managing social media accounts may seem straightforward, making mistakes in there is actually highly possible. With that, here are 12 social media errors that you might make and thus would want to avoid. 


Only Featuring Content About Your Company  


People use personal social media accounts to share things and bits about themselves and their lives. But if you’re handling a company and using social media account to promote your brand, doing that is a mistake. Don’t focus too much on your brand but instead focus on your users. Keep a lookout on the trends. That way users can engage and relate with your brand and be more participative.  


Ignoring Your Audience’s Needs And Expectations  


So you did make a social media account for your brand, but then you proceeded to ignore your audience’s needs and expectations. That’s practically the next biggest mistake one can make aside from not having a social media presence at all. You should be aware of what your audience has to say and respond when someone inquires on your account. Your voice in social media should also follow what your brand is all about. For example, if your brand is known to be cautious, your voice should be like that.  


Limiting Your Content Types  


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Users would find it annoying to scroll through your page if you only post the same type of thing all the time. You may have the same experience by looking at other accounts by bloggers, influencers, and celebrities who feature the same stuff over and over again. It’s worthy of an “unfollow.” With that, diversify your posts and feeds by including some content created by the users themselves like blogs, videos, and many more. Have a mix of posts about your brand and some educational material to get your readers interested.  


Failing To Listen To Customers  


If there is one thing brands have to do every day, it’s listening to your clients. The first purpose of having a social media presence is so that consumers can immediately reach you when needed. Doing this can also give you an insight into their thoughts about your brand and how you can improve it. The best way to use social media is by using it as a two-way tool. 


Creating Sales-Focused Social Media Posts 


People online tend to have short attention spans. Therefore, it’s essential to gain their interest as soon as possible. And having a social presence dedicated only to sales-focused content isn’t the right way to do so. Your feed should have diverse content and ones that can excite users to interact with them. When making content, remember the demographics of your audience and base it on that.  


Not Engaging With Your Audience  


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Many companies mistake that the point of having a social presence is to sell their product only. It is wrong because content marketing and social media marketing are vastly different from traditional advertising. The difference between the two is that content marketing requires genuine engagement with the audience. 


Six more errors that people with businesses commit with their social media posts will be discussed on the next blog. Watch out for the second and last part of 12 Errors In Social Media That Will Drive Followers Away From Your Brand. 

— March 14, 2018

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