How Social Media Can Move Your Business Forward 

With the advent of the 21st century, it’s no longer a question about whether social media is relevant or not. A few decades ago, it might have been irrelevant or just something to kill time with but now, having social media visibility is practically a need. Because of social media, people from all over the globe, no matter the language and distance, can easily communicate as if they’re standing together face-to-face. You don’t have to wait for months to receive a letter or pay substantial phone bills just to talk to your family and friends. A simple text or email message will reach them within seconds. 




The Internet is now a favorite tool with 4.02 billion people using it globally. That’s more than half of the world’s population, and with that number, about 3.2 billion use social media for business purposes. These numbers show that social media won’t be disappearing any time soon so its impact cannot be ignored, especially in business and marketing. 


If you want to reach more people and engage with an audience or your followers, you need to use social media. The days of posters and radio advertising are not the hype anymore. The world of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram now rules.  


If you’re wondering how exactly this can create a good impact on your business, then this is the right article for you. Read on to understand how powerful social media can be especially in marketing and business. 


Effects Of Social Media On Brand Presence 


The Digital in 2018 Global Overview revealed that Google is the leading and first most visited website globally followed by Facebook and then YouTube. On the other hand, people searched for Facebook on Google the most and then YouTube next. These data reveal that people check on and go to social media platforms daily. This also means that people spend a considerable amount of time on social media platforms. 




With how people go to social media almost on a daily basis, these websites have become essential in promoting one’s produce and brand to reach more people. On Facebook alone, there are 60 million pages that reach its users. With Facebook, even with a low follower count, you can still achieve more engagement just by posting your brand on your page. There is also a 4.2% chance of people interacting with your post and increasing participation by liking it or clicking the link.  


Besides Facebook, Twitter can also do wonders for your brand. Twitter itself revealed that people join the platform to learn new and exciting things. This is somewhat true because people are more likely to discover new videos on Twitter five times more than other platforms. With this intent, Twitter makes an excellent platform for people to see your brand. 


Effects Of Social Media On Brand Loyalty 


In 2017, 69% of the 5,700 marketers in a survey showed how social media marketing led to having a loyal fanbase for their brands. About 66% of 18 to 24-year-old users show loyalty to brands they found and follow on social media. Meanwhile, businesses and brands followed on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are more likely to be supported and preferred by 60% of 25 to 34-year-old users. 


There is also a correlation with the importance of using social media and having a loyal base of consumers and community, especially for small businesses. A survey in Chicago revealed that about 60% of people who regularly interact and follow a business page on Facebook also buy from them. Additionally, about 54% admitted that those who continuously engage with customers and clients are more likely to be focused on improving their services.  


Effects Of Social Media On Sales 




With how 17% of the global population makes online commerce like online shopping and online paying off bills, developed countries depend on e-commerce. Developed countries mostly participate in online purchasing like the UK having 78%, South Korea and Germany having 74%, Sweden having 70%, and the US having 69%. 


The ages of people who engage the most in this kind of activity are 18 to 34 years old, which are also the users who are more likely to be influenced by social media. Twitter commissioned a study that revealed that Twitter changed about 25% or one in four people who buy new vehicles in making their decision. 


A survey of 600 senior marketers also showed how organic social media posts gave about 39% of them an average return on investment or ROI. There was also 20% who received the highest return on investment through marketing channel. 36% also said that having paid ads on social media only brought upon medium ROI while 17% experienced high ROI with the channel. 




These statistics go to show that if you want your business to be successful, using social media is a must. Social media isn’t just a thing teenagers use nowadays. It creates a massive impact on industries either by merely making people aware of your business or creating loyal purchasing customers. Social media is flourishing and will continue to do so, to make your business thrive too, you must learn how to adapt and make it flourish along with social media.   

— January 20, 2018

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